Audiomachine – Phenomena (2014)

Audiomachine – Phenomena (2014)

Artist: Audiomachine
Title Of Album: Phenomena
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Audiomachine
Genre: Classical
Quality: 320kbps
Total Time: 54:32 min
Total Size: 131 MB


1. Blood and Stone 3:26
2. Ice of Phoenix 3:49
3. Red Sorrow 4:04
4. Whispers of Wonders 3:52
5. Deep Heart 2:59
6. Legends of Destiny 2:38
7. Seeds of Promise 2:40
8. Lords of Lankhmar 3:29
9. Crossing Destiny 3:47
10. Gathering of the Clans 1:39
11. The Last Ember 3:56
12. Above and Beyond 2:53
13. Drakon’s Empire 2:43
14. Fortress of Solitude 2:17
15. Epiphany 1:55
16. God of the Drow 2:02
17. Journey Through the Portal 2:41 $0.99 Buy MP3
18. Legacy of the Lost 3:42

Composed by Paul Dinletir, PHENOMENA was brought to life by 180 musicians in the heart of Air Lyndhurst Studio in London. PHENOMENA is charged with emotional depth and guarantees to capture your imagination from the moment you start listening!

Composed by Paul Dinletir, PHENOMENA was brought to life by 180 musicians in the heart of Air Lyndhurst Studio in London, with the powerful beat of 10 concurrent percussionists, a compelling choir of 80 voices and the commanding force of a 90 piece orchestra. Charged with emotional depth, PHENOMENA will capture the imagination and complement the core of every story.

Journey Through the Portal with audiomachine, where music strikes enchanting chords and Whispers of Wonders spill from the bowed lips of strings. Rise with a tide of tongues in a surging tribute to the Legacy of the Lost, while celestial sopranos slice a haunting scar of eternal Red Sorrow. Herald the Legends of Destiny with the drumming bones of a hundred hands, whose stirring pulse of Blood and Stone rushes in veins of imminent destruction. Soar Above and Beyond endless possibilities with the heart-hammered keys of creation, unlocking the metallic mystery behind an Epiphany. Conjure flames from the fading golden glow of The Last Ember, resonating with the final breaths of a Deep Heart. Build a Fortress of Solitude with towering spires spun from wind and will, whose realm of reeds is ruled by the righteous God of the Drow.

Embrace the passion pouring from the notes, threading your thoughts with triumph. Conduct a movement of courage as you’re transported to the world of PHENOMENA.


01 – Blood and Stone.mp3
8.25 MB


02 – Ice of Phoenix.mp3
9.12 MB


03 – Red Sorrow.mp3
9.72 MB


04 – Whispers of Wonders.mp3
9.24 MB


05 – Deep Heart.mp3
7.22 MB


06 – Legends of Destiny.mp3
6.44 MB


07 – Seeds of Promise.mp3
6.51 MB


08 – Lords of Lankhmar.mp3
8.36 MB


09 – Crossing Destiny.mp3
9.07 MB


10 – Gathering of the Clans.mp3
4.18 MB


11 – The Last Ember.mp3
9.39 MB


12 – Above and Beyond.mp3
7 MB


13 – Drakon's Empire.mp3
6.62 MB


14 – Fortress of Solitude.mp3
5.63 MB


15 – Epiphany.mp3
4.8 MB


16 – God of the Drow.mp3
5.03 MB


17 – Journey Through the Portal.mp3
6.55 MB


18 – Legacy of the Lost.mp3
8.85 MB

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