Brant Bjork – Jalamanta (1999) [mp3@320]

Brant Bjork – Jalamanta (1999) [mp3@320]
Genre: Stoner Rock / Desert Rock
TT: 57:05

01. Lazy Bones
02. Automatic Fantastic
03. Cobrajab
04. Too Many Chiefs…Not Enough Indians
05. Sun Brother
06. “Let’s Get Chinese Eyes”
07. Toot
08. Defender Of The Oleander
09. Low Desert Punk
10. Waiting For A Coconut To Drop
11. Her Brown Blood
12. Indio


8.Defender of the Oleander.mp3
18.24 MB


2.Automatic Fantastic.mp3
15.84 MB


13.85 MB


9.Low Desert Punk.mp3
12.25 MB


6.Let's Get Chinese Eyes.mp3
11.11 MB


5.Sun Brother.mp3
11.07 MB


10.Waiting for a Coconut to Drop.mp3
9.76 MB


11.Her Brown Blood.mp3
9.58 MB


9.44 MB


4.Too Many Chiefs… Not Enough Indians.mp3
8.61 MB


3.Cobra Jab.mp3
7.61 MB


1.Lazy Bones.mp3
3.34 MB

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