NWA – NWA And The Posse

NWA – NWA And The Posse

NWA – NWA And The Posse

Artist – NWA
Album – NWA And The Posse
Genre – Hip-Hop/Rap
Year – 1987
Quality – 128kbps
Discs – 1


01. Boyz-N-the-Hood
02. 8 Ball
03. Dunk the Funk
04. Bitch Iz a Bitch, A
05. Drink It Up
06. Panic Zone
07. L. A. Is the Place
08. Dope Man
09. Tuffest Man Alive
10. Fat Girl
11. 3 the Hard Wa

N.W.A. was one of the first major hip-hop collectives to emerge from the West Coast. N.W.A.’s alumni include some of hip-hop’s most influential artists, including Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, and the D.O.C. The group’s debut shows a band with … Full Descriptionall the raw energy and musical sophistication of a hardcore punk band.

N.W.A. AND THE POSSE is a gritty, unpolished excursion into gansta rap, a genre that was still in its infancy at the time of this release. Deep-pitched kick drums and cavernous, snapping snares courtesy of the 808 drum machine provide the rhythmic backbone for all the tracks. Sampled rock guitar riffs and syncopated scratching round out the sonic assault, which helped win fans among headbangers. N.W.A.’s graphic lyrics deal with daily life in the ghettos of Compton, though an overt sense of humor helps to leaven the braggadocio and misogynism. Sampling is used creatively in “Drink It Up,” a tribute to alcohol that lifts the refrain from the Isley Brothers’ “Twist and Shout.” Though N.W.A.’s debut is not on par with its landmark follow-up, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, it nevertheless showcases the outfit’s youthful enthusiasm and future promise


01 – Boyz-N-The Hood.mp3
5.19 MB


02 – 8 Ball.mp3
4.07 MB


03 – Dunk the Funk.mp3
4.63 MB


04 – A Bitch Iz A Bitch.mp3
2.89 MB


05 – Drink it Up.mp3
4.35 MB


06 – Panic Zone.mp3
3.23 MB


07 – L.A. Is the Place.mp3
4.18 MB


08 – Dope Man.mp3
5.78 MB


09 – Tuffest Man Alive.mp3
2.07 MB


10 – Fat Girl.mp3
2.55 MB


11 – 3 The Hard Way.mp3
3.84 MB


NWA – NWA And The Posse.jpg
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NWA – NWA And The Posse.nfo
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NWA – NWA And The Posse.sfv
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