Temkin Decorative
Stationery & Craft

Boost the consumer appeal of your packaged stationery and craft items with Temkin’s full spectrum of printing and creative services. From detailed eight-color printing to metallic films, matte varnish, and in-house design, Temkin offers all of the resources necessary to transform your packaging into your most cost-effective marketing tool.

Production styles range from popular items including Flat Bags and Header Bags to Lip ‘N’ Tape Bags, Gusseted Bags, and Pouches. Temkin can help you create packaging that will make a statement.

Cutting Edge Speed

With 470,000 square feet of production space, four locations, and the capacity to process more than 20 million square feet of material per day, Temkin is specially tuned to deliver high volume orders in industry-leading turnaround times.

Showcase Creation

Zipper Pouches can be highly customized to meet your unique merchandising requirements. Our versatile production options include various seal styles for flat and upright presentation as well as hang holes and handles for enhanced portability.

A to Z Capabilities

To deliver optimal quality and industry-leading turnaround times, Temkin employs the practice of extensive insourcing.

From design and prepress to plate making, ink mixing, mounting, lamination, printing, and converting, Temkin’s in-house production capabilities enable us to guarantee quality and consistency at every step.

Let's Get Creative

Temkin has an extensive stock line, numerous production styles, and custom capabilities to help create the ideal package for each unique application. Handles, hang holes, and tear notches are just a few of the many processing options designed to provide greater convenience and enhance product merchandising possibilities.

Product Offering

feature a bottom gusset for upright presentation and optional interlocking zippers for a convenient resealable closure.

Side Gusseted Bags
have expandable pleats which facilitate bulk items and upright presentation.

Crimp Seal Gusseted Bags
feature cost-effective coextruded film and a heavy duty crimp seal bottom. All bags are heat sealable.

Basket Bags
make wrapping baskets effortless. Coordinate basket bags with rolls, sheets, and bags for a unified look.

Prepackaged P.O.P. Bags
present our gusseted and basket bags for retail displays. Select our header design or create a custom look.

Side Weld Flat Bags
are great multipurpose bags featuring complete product visibility or up to 100% print coverage.

Lip ‘N’ Tape Bags
are available with either a permanent tape closure for a one-time seal or resealable tape for extended use.

Header Bags
are available with resealable or permanent lip and tape closures for easy product loading.

Grab ‘N’ Go Header Bags
feature an added handle on a classic header bag for an easy-to-carry package.

Promolope™ Envelopes
are an attractive alternative to plain, paper envelopes and are available in a variety of film options.

Handle Bags
create a convenient way for retailers to brand products. Easy-grip handles simplify transportation.

Handle Bags

Info Pocket™ Attachments
can be filled with almost anything. Each pocket has permanent tape on the back for a secure attachment.

Info Pocket™ Attachments

Rectangular Sheets
are available in a wide variety of sizes. Sheets are available clear, custom printed, or in hundreds of stock designs.

Consumer Rolls
are available in a vast line of stock patterns, sizes, and materials for a wide variety of uses.

effectively present prepared mixes and baked goods with their durable rigid structure and versatile molds.

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