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Since 1980 we have distinguished ourselves in the flexible film packaging industry by going above and beyond expectations. Our passion for service, value, and distinction earns the confidence of our customers and is your assurance of a job done well.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Danny S. Temkin
President of Temkin International

Interactive Sampling


Temkin’s Standup Zipper Pouches offer strong presentation, convenience, and the added protection of hermetic heat seals. Stock Pouches are available in a variety of sizes and feature high-barrier lamination, resealable zippers, a self-supporting bottom gusset, and are FDA approved. Custom options include laser microperforation, vent holes, hang holes, tear notches, alternative bottom seals, and metallic film options.

Pouches click dots to view features

Airtight hermetic seals lock in freshness

Handle for easy transportation

Resealable zippers offer added convenience for consumers

A self-supporting bottom gusset allows for upright presentation


Wicketed Bags

Temkin’s Wicketed Bags can improve the shelf life, retail display, and convenience of products in a variety of industries. Easily enhance the life, look, and value of your hand-packed and machine-packed products with Wicketed Bags. Hermetic seals, resealable zippers, expandable pleats, and convenient wicket holes help you get more out of your packaging. Wicketed Bags are heat sealable and FDA approved.

Wicketed Bags click dots to view features

Convenient wicket holes allow for easy display and dispensing

The tamper-proof perforated wicket lip offers added protection

A self-supporting bottom gusset allows for upright presentation

wicketed bags

Form, Fill, & Seal Rolls

Form, Fill, & Seal Rolls come ready for conversion and feature our precision printing and slitting. Form, Fill, & Seal Rolls are available in a wide variety of styles to provide exceptional versatility. Rolls are available for purchase by maximum OD’s, impressions, pounds, or linear feet. Our precision slitting equipment ensures rolls are cut to meet your exact specifications.

Form, Fill, & Seal Rolls click dots to view features

Cores are available in both 3” and 6” to fit any need

Cutting-edge plate technology provides sharp, clear images printed in up to eight colors

form, fill, & seal rolls

Gusseted Bags

Temkin’s Side Gusseted Bags have expandable pleats to accommodate bulkier goods. Side Gusseted Bags are available with a strong fold-over seal or an affordable crimp bottom, which provides a hermetic seal. These bags are also available in a Quad Seal style, which is laminated for enhanced durability and has a more pronounced square shape.

Gusseted Bags click dots to view features

Side gussets expand to accommodate a variety of goods

The strong, foldover bottom allows for upright presentation

gusseted bags

Header Bags

Header Bags are an affordable and visually effective packaging solution. They are available with a reinforced header area and a variety of hang hole styles for retail display. These heat sealable bags can also be fitted with resealable or permanent lip and tape closures for easy product loading and customer convenience. Header Bags are available with a variety of materials, headers, and adhesives to suit most any need.

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Hang holes help simplify merchandising

Resealable lip ‘n’ tape closure provides added convenience

header bags

Flat Bags

Side Weld and Back Weld Flat Bags offer a convenient packaging solution and provide excellent presentation for a wide variety of items. In addition to our standard recyclable materials, stock Side Weld Flat Bags are also available in compostable EarthFirst® PLA film, made with Ingeo™. All custom Side Weld Bags are available with or without a self-sealing lip and tape closure and your choice of permanent or resealable adhesive.

Flat Bags click dots to view features

Back Weld allows for uninterrupted print coverage on front panel

Bottom loading for easy and efficient product filling

Heat seals offer tamper-proof protection

flat bags

Plant & Herb Sleeves

Temkin’s Plant and Herb Sleeves help package, protect, and present your plants. With a variety of custom options and stock prints, Plant and Herb Sleeves are a great way to showcase your product while also protecting and preserving it. Plant & Herb Sleeves are available in an array of styles that deliver strong presentation, provide convenience, and help protect your products.

Plant & Herb Sleeves click dots to view features

Side seals allow for full print coverage

Eight color printing allows you to brand your herbs and plants

plant & herb sleeves

Rigid Containers

We offer full-cycle domestically produced thermoformed packaging solutions for a variety of industries. Stock items include clamshells, trays, tubs, and lids. Customized forms and designs are our specialty. Temkin Plastics offers transparent and opaque film tints as well as printing, labeling, and embossing options. With the help of our design department, you can have your own unique custom container.

Rigid Containers click dots to view features

Individual compartments enhance product presentation

Clamshells offer excellent stackability

Tight closures ensure freshness

rigid containers


Temkin is dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment for the benefit of future generations. Commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in our selection of raw materials, product development, and manufacturing practices:


100% recyclable films and water-based (aqueous) inks help Temkin meet the packaging needs of today while preserving our natural resources for tomorrow. Digital in-house ink mixing enables us to recycle remaining ink into viable color options, substantially reducing surpluses, storage costs, and waste.

Manufacturing Processes

All water used during production is treated on-site before disposal, removing all chemicals and metals so only pure, clean water is returned to the environment. Thanks to our recyclable films, scrap material acquired during manufacturing is recycled. Our domestic manufacturing facilities help reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for overseas shipping.

Environmental Responsibility

We focus on the impact of our products over their entire life cycle, from design and manufacturing to consumer use and disposal. We will continue to exercise our responsibility to contribute to maintaining a healthy environment for our customers, our employees, and our communities.